Shaved raw carrot salad with dried tart cherries, and a honey ginger vinaigrette

Salad doesn’t have to always mean greens, croutons and a jar of dressing from the store! This super easy to assemble shaved carrot salad can be done a day in advance and dressed just before serving. You can easily swap out your favorite toasted nut or whatever you might have on hand, to make it even more versatile.

The tart cherries, not to be confused with sour cherries, are a wonderful anti-inflammatory ingredient. The Anthocyanins that give cherries their red flavor promote reduction of swelling and inflammation, which is why many athletes will have a handful of dried ones right after a workout.

The best part about this salad is how easy it is to just shave the carrots right into a big bowl, and you can find those at your local store or farmers market year round these days. Using organic rainbow carrots also helps to add color, and you know that means a broader variety of all the vitamins packed into the entire salad.