Sautéed chicken (or tempeh) with pepitas, blackberries and arugula with raspberry Dijon dressing. Over sprouted brown rice.

Chicken (or if you’re vegetarian or vegan, our favorite alternative is tempeh) can do more than just get grilled up and smothered with BBQ sauce this summer. Part of what our taste buds love about that combination, however, is the pairing of savory and sweet together at the same time. This dish does just that with the help of summers bountiful local blackberries!

Did you know that blackberries have fantastic anti-inflammatory properties?! A recent study at the University of Messina found the polyphenol content in blackberry juice can actually prevent ulcers and inflammation on vulnerable tissues. Their nutrient dense composition also improves brain function. In short, sweet and good for your whole system too!

If summer finds you wanting to spend less time in the kitchen, more time in the great outdoors, and gathering friends and family, then this dish is perfect for everywhere you’re going! You can expand or contract the amount of chicken or tempeh, arugula and black berries, and even keep all the ingredients separate to let each person customize their own bowl!

serves: 15