Learn From Each Other

One thing I have learned about myself is a nutritionist, is that I never stop learning.  I like to think of myself less as an expert and more as a really good listener.  Once I decided to study nutrition I started learning from everyone and everything around me; teachers, books, students, clients, animals, my environment, and currently all of you.  I learn from my clients about the human condition and what is important to people when it comes to food.  I hope I never get complacent and think I know everything, because that would certainly take the fun out of food for me.

In honor of having our first home cook, Ajay Reddy Chidura, to cook alongside Jesse, our theme for the week was – Learn from Each Other. Most home cooks begin their journey because they love food, love experimenting, and just keep playing and trying new things in the kitchen to elevate the dishes to greater levels.  Also, most home cooks say that cooking for those they love brings them happiness.

Here are some quotes from Cook Together participants about what they have learned in their lifetimes about cooking, nutrition and food –

“My mom always made sure to have a salad present for dinner, no matter how many veggies were served. She would also eat her salad last (like the French) to support a sweater taste at the end of the meal so there was less craving for dessert. I continue to integrate this into my life by always having a fresh salad with dinner as another side.”

“My grandmother used to put astefoida in all her dishes.  I asked her one day why she does this, and she said to prevent gassiness caused by eating veggies and legumes high in fiber.  Now I do this too.”

The “No thank you bite”. “Then you have to politely try everything and then decide if you like it or say no thank you. I’ve applied to not only food but life in general, like riding a rollercoaster at an amusement park. You have to try it once before you can say you don’t like it.”

“When I was young, I had a very weak immune system and tons of allergies, including multiple food sensitivities.  At some point my mom decided that rather than sugary cereal for breakfast she would start making me a small hamburger or chicken patty.  Having protein in the morning, changed everything, and I immediately started feeling better.  To this day, I still do this – and feel terrible if I have sugar in the morning.”