Foods for Prana

Prana, or chi, describes life force and the energy that exists in all living things. By harnessing the power of “high vibration” food we can increase our prana. There are many ways to supports this concept through the food we eat, this Cook Together emphasized the following 3 ways:

  1. Raw Food: There are living enzymes that are present in raw food that can help improve mood and lift us out of the dreary winter blues! Juicing is a great way to incorporate raw food into the diet because it maximizes nutrient intake without a lot of fiber providing immediate sources of nutrients and energy.
  2. Variety and colors: Variety can be achieved by incorporating lots of color into our diets. The different colors present in food represent different phytonutrients that provide antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties. Each of these colors and nutrients work synergistically with each other to provide maximum benefits.
  3. Sprouted Foods: Sprouted foods are more nutrient-dense than non-sprouted foods and contain amino acids that are absent in refined grains. Sprouted grains also retain their natural enzymes which are beneficial for digestion. Try sprouted your own grains to increase nutritional value by soaking them overnight!


To improve our own life force, make sure to incorporate raw foods, sprouted foods, and colors!