Fermentation & Lunch in a Jar

It is ‘back to school’ time and our thoughts turn to planning and eating healthy meals at home and on the go. Mason jars, a staple in many households, provide a simple, inexpensive ‘house’ for perfectly portioned meals that can be taken an eaten anytime. Meal prepping and planning ahead have numerous benefits to our health and wellbeing such as control of ingredients and flavors, correct macronutrient balancing, time and cost savings, and stress relief. Not knowing where our next meal is coming from is actually quite stressful to the body. Having a delicious healthy meal prepped and ready to go sends a reassuring message to the body that its needs are being honored.
Mason jars also make a perfect ‘house’ for fermenting vegetables. Jesse explained two simple methods of fermenting–salt method, and vinegar method. A healthy microbiome is vital to maintaining a strong immune system and healthy mental outlook. Consuming small amounts of fermented foods daily provide healthy bacterial to keep our gut microbiome balanced. In a month or two the vegetables will be perfectly fermented and ready to go, and we will learn delicious and nutritious recipes utilizing the fermented vegetables in a follow-up Cook Together in October.