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Whole, gluten-free grains

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Wheat and rice still dominate much of the American food marketplace, but there's so many other grains - many gluten free by nature - that taste fantastic and are healthy, whole food options! This class we'll focus on techniques for using amaranth, buckwheat and millet. Can't wait to Cook Together!

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Held each Wednesday in the Well Being Center kitchen, Cook Together is a space for all employees to unplug and nourish themselves in the midst of a busy work day. By stepping away from the desk and engaging in this hands-on class, our experts will support you in creating a better relationship with your food, your wellness and with each other.

Cook Together is a fully engaging experience where all participants cook, learn, eat and even clean as a cooperative group. Sign-up on the <sign up> to be part of this mindful and tactile experience that starts with a wellness lesson and ends with a satisfied, nourished body. Friends and family are encouraged to join whenever possible and be part of the extended RG community.