Siiri Sampson


Siiri Sampson is a Seattle, Washington native who has trained under the mentorship of Seattle's award winning chefs such as Tom Douglas, Brendan McGill and Thierry Rautureau, she has worked in the best kitchens in Seattle, and lived in Spain, learning from the chefs, farmers, butchers and wine makers that are the backbone of Spain's rich and vibrant tradition, leading the charge in the current progressive food scene. Upon moving back to the United States, Siiri joined The Willows Inn on Lummi Island as the chef of the AM and Midday programs. There she worked with award-winning Chef Blaine Wetzel to expand offerings and educate guests both in the kitchen and on the farm. After two adventurous years at The Willows, she is now privately consulting and teaching. Ultimately, her focus is on food fundamental education: the mechanics of ingredients, efficient techniques and “instinct cooking” based on ratios and common sense. What it boils down to, for Siiri, is helping others feel empowered in the kitchen, without spending more time, money or energy than necessary.