More than a cooking class, Cook Together is an experience in learning how accessible it is to integrate wholesome, delicious foods into our everyday lives. With guidance from professional chefs and nutrition experts, we’re bridging a divide in food education and promoting viable eating practices for a happier,more balanced life.

Our team, led by chef Jesse Barber and nutritionist Keri Romerdahl, is committed to introducing communities to sustainable, healthful eating habits. By teaching nutrition science and cooking techniques side-by-side, in a fun and collaborative environment,we’re providing the necessary skills and knowledge for a better relationship with food, for a lifetime.

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RoundGlass Wellbeing Center

We are committed to changing the paradigm of healthcare to wellbeing care. This revolutionary change in thinking is the foundation of our initiative.

Our Philosophy

We all have the capacity to heal, regenerate and live our full potential. Supporting wellbeing ensures you have the resources to live a meaningful life.

The Wellbeing Model

Happy – Finding fulfillment and joy at work, home, and in the world; connecting with others and continuing to grow and evolve.

Healthy – Optimizing functions of the body’s systems to generate energy and vitality.

Harmony – Living in alignment with one’s core values and purpose

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