Cook Together #26 // Dia De Los Muertos: Cultural Significance

Dia de Muertos is a festival that originates from the indigenous Aztec culture of what is now known as Mexico. It is not only an honoring ancestors but a way of connecting the living community by making food. The dishes we are cooking today are from their traditional recipes, made with fresh foods commonly found in local farmer’s markets this time of year. These meals are enjoyed by the communities as they gather to celebrate. Food is also offered to ancestors in a ritual of remembrance.

Dia de Meurtos a festival in which people not only honor their ancestors but acknowledge and celebrate death in a healing way, which is something we aim to do with the RoundGlass initiative, Death Over Dinner.

At Cook Together, we are gathering in the same way the Aztecs did: in community, celebration and honoring the natural cycle of death.

If you like, take a moment to think of  a loved one that has passed as we gather in celebration, preparing this food.

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